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UI/UX Design

Project Brief

You will be proposing a experience, primarily digitally driven, that utilizes a physical pop-up style location to provide easier and better user experience to a chosen social service.


We created a pop-up kiosk and website that makes sexual health and education more accessible to teens and young adults to teach safer sex practices.


We aim to address these issues by having a sexual health/education pop-up that teaches Sex Ed in a sex-positive way; includes LGBTQIA+ communities; discusses healthy habits and relationships that lead to good sexual health and provides sexual health resources that would be thought of as inaccessible before.





In conservative states like Texas, the Sexual Health/Education experience for teens/young adults often:

  • Is Fear / Abstinence based
  • Excludes the LGBTQIA+ communities
  • Excludes discussions about healthy sex / relationships
  • Excludes information on sexual health resources avaliable to young people

This leads to lots of misinformation and shame among young people that lead to unhealthy decisions.

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Camera Measuring

After looking into what Tailoring companies are implementing into their system, we found that some are adding camera measuring software to get more accurate measurements of customers.

A product called MTailor takes 16 measurements across the whole body. The software can take measurements in 15 seconds or less in 3 easy steps. MTailor is already making tailoring more easily accessible with more affordable shipping, more accurate measurements and a more comfortable fit.

20% more accurate than a professional tailor

The Tailoring Industry

Looking into the tailoring industry, we had gather information on the tailors themselves. The mean age of tailors is 50.3. The industry hiring the most alterations tailors is retail (31%). Some of the areas most populated with tailors are the areas with the lowest tailor salaries

76% of the industry is privately owned businesses
“The suit is not dead but it’s getting more casual, say tailors amid comfort wear’s rise.” –Sian Powell, 2021
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